Sunday, August 26, 2012


Today, I wanted to hear a few songs in the Ragam Nattaikurinji, especially to make my kids get an idea of the ragam. So started off with the varnam Chalamela. The second was Jagadeesa by MDR, a song I do not hear being performed a lot these days. Then I moved on to a couple of popular songs like Ekkalathilum Unnai Maravene, Pahi Janani.  I also heard a Lalgudi composition that goes Kandan Seyal for the first time and finally ended up with my favorite composer, Dikshithar's composition, Budhamasrayami. 

Heard a few versions of this song, sung by different artists, including the inimitable Madurai Mani Iyer. I, then, discovered a version by Kallidaikuruchi V. Ramalinga Bhagavathar, a disciple of Sangeeta Kalanidhi Kallidaikuruchi Vedanta Bhagavathar. Knowing that his lineage has a direct connection to Dikshithar himself and that Vedanta Bhagavathar was from the street where I grew up, although I never cared for that when I was there, made me listen to this rendering with a special feeling. 

After the Nattaikurinji, I heard the Abhogi raga song Sri Lakshmi Varaham which was composed praising Lakshmi Varaha Swamy of Kallidaikurichi. The one other recording that was available of Ramalinga Bhagavathar, was one more Navagraha Krithi - the Surutti composition Angarakam.

After listening to these songs a couple of times, I had to go out. But somewhere in my subconscious mind, I was thinking that it has been a while since I had listened to Suryamurte or Divakaratanujam, songs from the Navagraha Krithi list. I was also thinking that I do not have an album of the Navagraha Krithis and I should try and obtain one sung by one of my favorite artists. 

After I came home and switched on the radio and an artiste,alas I dont know her name, was just finishing singing Saurashtram ragam and started Suryamurte. The album that was broadcast contained all the nine songs that form the Navagraha Krithis set composed by Dikshithar. And I had a rather nice time listening to these gems and the experience could have been better only if the rendering had been by someone outstanding such as TMK  or Vijay Siva or Sanjay. 

I know it was just a coincidence, but to have the subconscious desire fulfilled so quickly and to have heard someone from the lineage of the great man sing a couple of songs made me feel really blessed today. I only wish more of my desires get answered so soon. (Now, that is the first one that needs to be fulfilled!) 

Link for Ramalinga Bhagavathar's songs -

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