Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Another fork in the road....

I started my electric car journey nine years ago when I was chosen as one of the few who had the opportunity to lease an Active-e. We were the Electronauts. From then on, I fell in love with electric cars. 

The i3 came along and I was one of the earliest to get one on the east coast. I think it was early 2014. The owners choice program was a good idea as it gave us the tax rebates while ensuring that we could drop off the car at the end of four years. 

And I went again with the 2018 i3 and leased it this time. I did test drive a few other brands but I simply did not like the quality or performance after driving a BMW for six years. Thanks to COVID, I did not end up driving it as much as I would have liked or paid for. Today is the last day of the lease and I have returned the i3. 

I will miss the lightweight carbon fiber based, quirky design, the inquisitive questions people ask about the car, the surprisingly roomy interior. But I will not miss the lack of a fifth seat, the limited range and a rather unstable bluetooth. I am also a bit sad that BMW moved away from the i3 philosophy. That was a bummer from Bimmer.

I wanted to try out other brands and am planning to get a Model Y from Tesla. The range and the full self driving capabilities are the two things that attracted me. The next time around there are going to be a lot of options to choose from. May be BMW has a better model then. 

I want to thank my dear friends, Tom MoloughneyManny Antunes and Mary Demarest-Paraan for all the help over the years.